Germophobe and Fashionista: Can they co-exist?

I think I’m turning into my mother. She never read fiction. I’m sure she did when she was younger, but not when she had me. I attribute this whole interest in fashion to her. Not that I’ve been totally clueless fashion-wise, but I just never gave it much thought until now. My mother was more fashionable than I was. She was the type of person who dressed up to run to the grocery store. You wouldn’t find her in Wal-Mart wearing her PJs and slippers like a lot of folks these days. No way!
(Note: The featured image is from 2012; the last Mother’s Day I had with my fashionable mom before she passed away. We (my daughter, my mom, and me) somehow all coordinated our look that day without consulting each other about what we were going to wear.)

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Cold Fashion

Fashionable-ness is usually geared toward people who live in warm climates year round. Go on Pinterest and look up “seasonable” fashions. For spring and summer fashions they will show you a plethora of skin baring items from bikinis to short-shorts, to cutesy sundresses to show off your year-round tan. Then for fall they show you pretty much the same stuff but paired with boots and an over-sized cardigan, tanned skin still peeks out here and there. For winter, you might want to throw on a heavier jacket, maybe wear snow boots just for fun! Don’t forget to take off the boots and jacket frequently to keep your nice tan!

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And Then One Thing Leads to Another

I’m a latent fashionista. I like pink too. I just found that out.

Lately, my Pinterest boards have turned to fashion. First, a timid, secret board called Closet. After I stuffed that board to the max with fashion favorites I un-secreted my board and made three more Closets – Winter Closet, Spring Closet, Summer Closet, and yes, you guessed it, Fall Closet.

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Christmas Time is Here

I waited patiently for Thanksgiving to arrive. That’s the day when you don’t get too much flack for decorating for Christmas from the growing number of Scrooges that pop up their cranky heads as soon as November 1st arrives decrying any Christmas decorating like it’s going to cause the world to end. My house is decorated for Christmas. So there, cranky headed Scrooges, nyah!

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