Implanting Ideas

Sometimes I will suggest something to my husband only to have him express no interest in it. Then, months later he will suggest the same thing I’d originally suggested as if it were his idea in the first place. I think it just takes time for some ideas to take root inside his mind. I […]

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Happiness for Free!

I have been known to dabble in the world of marketing from time to time. Nothing extreme. I don’t have the courage to be an entrepreneur. Not in a business sense anyway. I did once venture into the high stakes realm of education by home schooling my three children.

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Germophobe and Fashionista: Can they co-exist?

I think I’m turning into my mother. She never read fiction. I’m sure she did when she was younger, but not when she had me. I attribute this whole interest in fashion to her. Not that I’ve been totally clueless fashion-wise, but I just never gave it much thought until now. My mother was more fashionable than I was. She was the type of person who dressed up to run to the grocery store. You wouldn’t find her in Wal-Mart wearing her PJs and slippers like a lot of folks these days. No way!
(Note: The featured image is from 2012; the last Mother’s Day I had with my fashionable mom before she passed away. We (my daughter, my mom, and me) somehow all coordinated our look that day without consulting each other about what we were going to wear.)

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