One Day Out

It occurred to me as I packed for our trip that I’ll never get the whole minimalist thing down. I tried, but then I kept remembering things I wanted to bring along.

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Action Van Rides Again

It’s been a cold, long winter here in the north. But brighter days are ahead! Here it is, the second day of spring and it’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside (windchill is 31F). Oh boy, oh boy!

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And Then One Thing Leads to Another

I’m a latent fashionista. I like pink too. I just found that out.

Lately, my Pinterest boards have turned to fashion. First, a timid, secret board called Closet. After I stuffed that board to the max with fashion favorites I un-secreted my board and made three more Closets – Winter Closet, Spring Closet, Summer Closet, and yes, you guessed it, Fall Closet.

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