Weather. You Like It, or Not.

Extremes. That’s what you get in Montana when it comes to weather. There is that old joke that goes around which says there are two seasons of weather in Montana: 1. Winter 2. Road Construction.

A few weeks ago, (yes, only a few weeks ago) someone posted a meme on Facebook regarding summer in Montana. I wish I could find it again but she posts hundreds of times a day and I could spend weeks looking for it. It said something to the effect: Ah, summer has arrived at last! Oh no, Montana is burning!

Which is sad, but true. As soon as warm weather arrives, wildfire season is following close behind. We had an especially bad fire season this year. It was the only thing we talked about for the rest of the summer.

Then, last week we quietly slipped into Fall. The leaves started to turn yellow on the trees. Perfect, cool weather.

Yesterday, we had a blizzard. As I walked home from work, things were starting to ice over.

Our crabapple tree’s leaves are still green. Right now they are coated in snow. It’s kind of pretty seeing the green leaves and red apples peek out from underneath the snow. The bird feeder hanging on the branches is still being frequented by sparrows and larks. Even during the worst part of the storm yesterday the bird feeder was crowded with hungry birds. The wind chill of 4 degrees F. didn’t deter them one bit.

I had an appointment today at 10 a.m. The office I was going to is a short distance from my house, about one block away. So, I decided to walk. I put on my snow boots and headed outside. I started to have my first doubts as I went down my stairs. It was pretty icy.

I reached the sidewalk. It was icy, too. My husband pulled up then in our four-wheel drive Suburban. He gave me a ride to the office for which I was thankful. Just getting out of the vehicle and into the building was a challenge though. He told me to be careful walking back, and give him a call if I needed a ride. He said maybe he’d hear his phone ring inside the noisy place he was working in today. I told him I planned on sticking to the sidewalks until I needed to cross the street to get to our home. I mistakenly thought all the sidewalks would be ice free. I’m not sure what made me think that.

After my business was concluded, I started my treacherous walk home. I did a crazy little dance on a particularly icy spot on the sidewalk on Main Street. I hope someone appreciated it. I didn’t fall, but it left me shaken. I managed to turn the corner and the icy stretch of sidewalk and streets that awaited me did not make me happy. Not one bit. So, I called my husband for a ride. I was half a block from my house and I needed a ride! He said he was on his way.

So, I stood there, waiting. It was chilly with the wind blowing, but I told myself it was preferable to falling. To pass the time as I waited I wrote a product review for a purchase I recently made at Home Depot. It kept my mind off of the chilly wind.

My husband arrived and deposited me outside of our home. That was great, but I still had two flights of steps and our sidewalk to navigate. I made it inside without falling and decided I need to buy ice cleats or shoes with better tread for walking on ice this winter. That’s what led me to an article about Vibram Arctic Grip. I think I may have found my new winter shoe. It’s used by Merrell in several of their winter shoes. I’ll have to give it a try.


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