A Note of Frustration

We recently took AV to visit our kids in the big city. Well, not really a big city. It’s a big city if you live in Montana, which we do. When you compare the small town we live in to our state capitol, then yes, Helena is a big city.

So, this was not AV’s first excursion with stealth camping inside city limits. Let’s see:

  1. There was the time we slept in a church parking lot. We had permission to camp there overnight. Someone did pull into the the parking lot late that night, shining their headlights into our windows. I didn’t appreciate that.
  2. Then, there was the time we slept in my husband’s parent’s driveway because there was no place other than the floor to sleep on inside their house. There were lots of streetlights, and I didn’t appreciate that either.
  3. This time we camped in the back parking lot of our kids’ apartment complex. Once again there was more light than I liked. I think some blackout curtains are going to be necessary in the future.

What was more troubling to me than lights this time was the note tucked under our windshield wiper blade the following morning. It seems that an anonymous neighbor in the complex was annoyed that we parked our van there, stating that parking spaces in the back were limited, and since we were only visitors and not paying rent we should park in the street up front.

It kind of creeped me out to think as I lay sleeping in our van that some stranger touched AV. The nerve of some people!

Okay, so you might be thinking, well, maybe they had a right to complain. I say, sure, they can grumble all they want, just don’t touch my van, man!!

Plus, it wasn’t like we were taking their parking space. Our son-in-law actually asked the complex owner if we could park there, and he said, yes, we could. We were in our son-in-law’s usual parking spot which he gave up for our two day visit. So, what’s the problem, dude?

Our son-in-law wrote a response on the back of the note and left it under our windshield, but it appears that the note writer had no desire to read the response. We slept there the second night without further incident.

Maybe somebody was just having a grumpy day and needed to take it out on somebody else.

My next AV project: Make blackout curtains!


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