Making a Lasting Impression, A Spontaneous Social Experiment

A while back I unintentionally began a social experiment. If you’ve spent any time on Facebook I’m sure you are aware of the onslaught of Youtube social experiments going around. My personal experiment was not filmed and therefore cannot be aired on Youtube and then shared with Facebook. So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

It began over a year ago. I was introduced to a young lady who will hereby be designated as – Ms Unimpressed. Months went by, and on another occasion someone else in our shared social circle introduced me to her. I said, “Oh, yes, we’ve already met.” But Ms Unimpressed seemed unconvinced.

A few more months went by. On yet another social occasion, I was introduced to her by yet a third person. She seemed to have no recollection of being introduced to me two times before that.

This was followed by a work related fourth meeting, and I’m pretty sure she had no recollection of meeting me three times before that.

Now, if she were my age or older, I would dismiss this as nothing unusual, perhaps. As it is, I’m old enough to be her mother. I certainly hope she doesn’t have early onset Alzheimer’s.

Of course, a fifth meeting occurred.  She was complaining about a photograph of her that she felt had been less than flattering. That got my attention because I happened to be the photographer at that event she’d referred to. (That statement makes it sound like I’m a photographer. But really, I am not. Most of my attempts at photography are pretty bad…and apparently, unflattering.) At any rate, I spoke up. “Oh, I took that picture actually. Sorry about that,” I said.

This prompted yet a fifth introduction, and this time she introduced herself to me. She stated her name, and as is customary, I could see she was waiting for me to reciprocate with my name. I was flabbergasted that she still had no recollection of the four previous times she’d met me. So, instead of giving her my name, I smiled and nodded my head, because I was sure that a short while later she would only forget meeting me for the fifth time.

But, then again, maybe not. Perhaps my lack of an introduction will actually make a lasting impression. Time will tell whether she remembers me or not at our next meeting. I’ve decided to call it a social experiment on making a lasting impression.


One thought on “Making a Lasting Impression, A Spontaneous Social Experiment

  1. The 2nd meeting she might of just been trying to be polite by not saying ‘we’ve already met’. The next few is strange


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