Implanting Ideas

Sometimes I will suggest something to my husband only to have him express no interest in it. Then, months later he will suggest the same thing I’d originally suggested as if it were his idea in the first place. I think it just takes time for some ideas to take root inside his mind. I had no idea that some previously suggested ideas take years to sprout.

I mentioned my walk-in closet project in my last post. It has been a dream of mine for several years.  I don’t have carpentry skills like my husband and so my plan was pretty basic. It would go like this:

  1. Empty out the craft/junk room (by depositing all the junk in my sons’ room since they are away at school)
  2. Buy two or three garment racks (like the ones department stores use)
  3. Utilize bookshelves that I already have
  4. Buy a rug
  5. Make a new seat for my cedar chest
  6. Buy a new light fixture
  7. Paint the walls

That was it. I told my husband that I was starting my project and I emptied out the former junk room. He offered to build me a closet complete with three shelf towers and clothes rods bolted to each tower. That sounded much better than garment racks.

But then he said it would really be better to level the floor which had heaved up in the middle.

Soon-to-be new closet

Then, after it was leveled, he said I could pick out new flooring for the new closet space. Okay. Sounded pretty good to me! A solid closet system and a level floor. What more could I ask for?

The next day he excitedly told me an idea that had come to him in the night while I was sleeping. He could knock out the existing back wall of my old closet which adjoins the new closet space. He would cover over the former doorway to the junk room with sheet rock and make a new entrance to the closet from within my old closet space.

Old closet

I was skeptical and was about to say, “Nah, that’s too much work to close off the old doorway and make a new one adjoining the old closet…” But wait a minute! Memories came flooding back to me. Long ago, when I’d first started dreaming of a walk-in closet, I had wanted to knock a hole in the back wall of my closet and do exactly what he was proposing! It was my idea! What’s more is that he was offering me an entire remodel of the closet! My skepticism fizzled out and I accepted his marvelous idea that was originally my idea!

My biggest problem after that was deciding what kind of door to put in the entrance of my new closet.

New doorway (cute new door is on the left waiting to be placed in its frame)

Technically, I could have opted to keep the old ones. My small, dark closet came equipped with two doors because my closet used to house an ancient Murphy bed. I love antique elements and reluctantly pulled the old Murphy bed out of its place to make closet space for myself after we moved into our house years ago.

Instead of keeping the two doors we’ve opted to remove them. We toyed with the idea of leaving the opening to the new closet open with no door. My husband suggested bi-fold doors which I was not crazy about. I suggested keeping our options open and seeing what we might find at Home Depot when we went there to get cement for the floor.

Tiny door for a big closet

We were strolling through the “doors” section in Home Depot when I saw it! It was the cutest little door I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with it at first sight! It wanted me to take it home! So, I did. The irony is there, certainly. I’ve traded in a small closet with two large doors in exchange for a tiny door leading into a large closet. It just seems right somehow.


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