Wedding…Empty Nest…What’s Next

So, the wedding went well. The only snag was that the flower girl decided she didn’t want to be a flower girl, which was not a big deal. I think her parents were the only ones who were upset over it. When I got to thinking about it, asking a young child to walk alone down an aisle carrying flowers while strangers gawk at you can be kind of intimidating.

Now, we officially have an empty nest. It feels kind of strange and will take some getting used to.

I think it has helped a little that we immediately jumped into a home improvement project. At least I think it has helped. At times I think that maybe the distraction itself is a little overwhelming. At any rate I will finally have the walk-in-closet I have been dreaming about over the years.

My current closet is a dark cave. There is no light except for the puck light I stuck on the door. The batteries in that light need to be changed and barely give any light at all. The inside of the closet is dark, rough wood. I’m talking floor to ceiling dark wood. It has a solitary metal pipe rod to hold my clothes and a high, deep shelf above the rod where items can get shoved off into the dark recesses to never see the light again.


That is why I want my new closet to be light and airy. I want white flooring, a white ceiling, and a cheery light to brighten every corner of the closet. My husband suggested a grey wood grain floor this morning and I almost came unglued at the thought! That’s several shades lighter but still too close to the dark floor in my current closet. No, no, no, it has to be white!

Speaking of floors. The room that is to be my new closet has an unlevel floor and so my husband has offered to level it before the actual closet building begins. In order to level it, he first has to remove the cream colored paint on the concrete floor. We had no idea how messy of a job that would be when he began. He’s almost finished though and then the leveling can begin!


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