Yes, We Have No Wedding Planner

In a few shorts weeks my daughter will be getting married. We have no wedding planner. We have no caterer. We are strictly DIYers.

I admit, I have recently been having momentary panic attacks as the big day approaches. We have never been party planners. When we celebrate birthdays or anniversaries they are small gatherings. Our three kids opted to forgo graduation parties in lieu of our first ever family vacation back in 2013 and more recently a hike in Glacier National Park for my daughter’s college graduation. So, the idea of planning a wedding is kind of funny.

I only have one daughter, so I have to get it right the first time. There will be no “next time I’ll do this different” kind of reasoning.

To stop my panic attacks I have to resort to reminding myself that we are habitual DIYers. We have a long history of it

It all started when I made all the floral arrangements and bouquets for my own wedding.  My bouquet was fine, but for my daughter’s wedding we have opted to let a florist tackle that. Of course, we didn’t leave it entirely in the florist’s hands. There are certain elements that we insisted upon and provided her with. She was slightly aghast: Camouflage burlap and lace!!? Yes, just do it and we’ll pay you for it.

Once again, I have chosen not to heed the warnings. Hire a wedding planner or you’ll forget something important, they say. Don’t make the food for the reception or you’ll hate yourself for it, they say.

One lady we know recently advised that when the big day arrives, just know that something won’t go right. Don’t worry about it. Just have a good time! I like that advice and I plan to try to remember it. The important thing to remember is that my daughter and her fiance have chosen to make an important commitment to each other on July 1st. Everything else pales in comparison to that.


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