One Day Out

We are one day out from our springtime road trip. It looks like the extended forecast has cool to cold weather ahead for us. That’s okay; we think we’re prepared.

It occurred to me as I packed for our trip that I’ll never get the whole minimalist thing down. I tried, but then I kept remembering things I wanted to bring along.

I’m experimenting with the capsule wardrobe concept. Originally, I was going to take 3 pairs of pants, 4 tops, and two jackets. But then…I want to keep working out while we’re gone which means I need at least two pairs of workout leggings and a couple of tops to match. Then, since it’s going to be cold, I need my Under Armour pullover and down vest, plus gloves, hat, scarf, oh, and wristwarmers. Can’t leave without those! Of course, if we go hiking and it’s cold like the forecast says, I might want my flannel-lined jeans. And if it is cold when we hike I might want my hiking boots instead of my trail running shoes. So, I’ll take my Lowa boots, Salomon trail running shoes, my blue canvas Vans, and my Minnetonka Moccasins. I sound like a shoe brand salesperson all of a sudden. But no, I’m a library clerk who likes to have a shoe for every occasion. That doesn’t even include all the underpinnings.

Moving along to other things. I figured my leather tote which doubles as a purse and my canvas tote would suffice for things such as my computer, Kindle, journal, Leatherman, sunglasses, cosmetics, hair products, and so forth. Oh, but wait! We probably need towels when we get to the campgrounds.

Of course I have the french press packed along with a small kettle to boil water. I figured we might want some food to go with our coffee and now I have two more totes stuffed with groceries and that doesn’t include the cold things that will go into the ice chest tomorrow.

What if we can’t go hiking because the cold weather decides to turn into a snow storm? Well, then we need some reading material, so of course I packed my messenger bag full of books.

Now I’m trying to think of what I possibly could have forgotten. I’ll remember once we’re 50 miles down the road tomorrow. One thing I do know, I am not a minimalist. Or at least not a very good one.


3 thoughts on “One Day Out

    1. It’s always a learning experience. I bought a big tote to hold all my essentials – lotions, hair products, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. – and now I realize that yes, the tote is large but now everything in it is a jumbled mess! I need organizers to fit into my tote. Lesson learned!

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