Happiness for Free!

I have been known to dabble in the world of marketing from time to time. Nothing extreme. I don’t have the courage to be an entrepreneur. Not in a business sense anyway. I did once venture into the high stakes realm of education by home schooling my three children. That was a pulse pounding 15 year long roller coaster ride from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

I feel like it was a successful venture as it:

  1. Didn’t ruin their lives
  2. They aren’t misfits when it comes to socialization, as that seems to be the number one fear of society when it comes to home schooling.
  3. They are all happy adults who appreciate the Classical Education I gave them. (Definition: The core of Classical Education is the trivium, which simply put is a teaching model that seeks to tailor the curriculum subject matter to a child’s cognitive development. – Introduction to Classical Education)
  4. They have gone on to acquire Bachelor degrees in Communications (Of all things, a home schooled person who should be exhibiting traits of not being properly socialized, gets a degree in Communications?!!), except for the youngest and she should have her Humanities degree by May 2017 (Humanities, meaning, she can communicate verbally, in writing, and by illustrating/painting as she is also an artist. If you’re playing Pictionary, you’ll want her on your team!).
  5. My two oldest will have their Master of Divinity degrees by December 2017 and both are thinking about pursuing a PhD.

That sums up my risky entrepreneurial venture. Other than that, I’m not much of a risk taker. Especially when it comes to business ventures. So much for “do what you love…and find a way to get paid for it”. I will continue to do what I love however, and if I never get paid for it, or if I get paid only a little for it, it still makes me happy and I’ll continue to do it.

I have a Pinterest board, for example, titled Imagine Worlds Unknown. I am a writer and I like to collect photos or illustrations of things which inspire me to write. That was the sole purpose for creating the Imagine Worlds Unknown board. It has become my most popular board however, getting more likes, re-pins, and follows than any of my other boards. I will never make a profit from this board, but I am happy that it brings happiness to other pinners – happiness for free! The old saying is really true – the best things in life are free, which consist of things you can’t put a price on. Things like how to best use the time you have, as well as the time you invest in your family and friends.


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