Germophobe and Fashionista: Can they co-exist?

I’ve been reading fashion books, not magazines, I can’t stand fashion magazines, but fashion books are okay when I have some free time. Like at night before I go to bed and just want to unwind from the day. I’ve been going through a change lately. Menopause, yes. But I wonder if this is something else. I can’t find any fiction books that interest me. None. And they have always been my mainstay.

I think I’m turning into my mother. She never read fiction. I’m sure she did when she was younger, but not when she had me. I attribute this whole interest in fashion to her. Not that I’ve been totally clueless fashion-wise, but I just never gave it much thought until now. My mother was more fashionable than I was. She was the type of person who dressed up to run to the grocery store. You wouldn’t find her in Wal-Mart wearing her PJs and slippers like a lot of folks these days. No way!

I remember one time I was in a trendy little shop that my daughter likes to shop at. My mom had tagged along with us too. I was patiently waiting in the store for my daughter to make her selections when I turned around to see my mom had a store shopping bag in hand and she promptly showed me her purchase. A really nice looking scarf. And I’m thinking – But, but you are in your seventies and this is a young person’s shop! That made no difference to her. She saw a nice scarf in a young person’s shop; she bought it, wore it, and rocked that look! Maybe that’s why I swore off old lady shops soon after that and started buying items from the places my daughter likes to shop.

So, I’ve been reading fashion books lately instead of fiction. One of them also delves into beauty and it said you shouldn’t wash your hair more than once a week in order to keep your tresses looking healthy and not over-processed. That’s a little tough since I grew up in an era where you were looked down upon if you didn’t wash your hair daily. Non-daily hair washers were berated by my peers. Still, it’s not so hard for me to break that habit since I’ve been on camping trips which lasted for several days and hair washing was not an option. Plus, within the past year I stumbled upon the brilliant new aerosol dry shampoos which are available everywhere now. I mean, if Wal-Mart has dry shampoo then it truly is available everywhere now, right? So, sure, dry shampoo can get me through about five days of water-less hair washing. I’m down with that fashion trend. Check that one off the list!

But then these books tell me not to wash my jeans except after four or five wearings. Really? That one’s really tough for me. I’m not a consummate germophobe. I don’t try to make my home 100% anti-bacterial. I do like to wash my clothes after I wear them though. I mean, am I the only one who goes to work, or a meeting, or the doctor’s office (especially there), or some other public place where seating is available and think to myself – What’s that stain on the cushion?  It looks really old, how long has it been there? Who else has been sitting there? Did they have a contagious disease? What is that stain on the cushion, did they have leakage problems or what? You know, those kinds of questions. And so, after sitting in public places with or without visible stains on the seating (imagine if I brought along a UV light), I like to wash my clothes. Yes, this whole not washing clothes until the fourth or fifth wearing is not something I can adapt to entirely.

Not that I am trying to follow what these books say verbatim. I pick and choose which pieces of advice to follow. For example, just like my mom before me, you won’t find me shopping in my PJs and slippers. But I recently read in one of my fashion books that it is now considered fashionable to go out in public wearing a nice silk bathrobe. I guess the “people of Wal-Mart” look has gained the notice of the movers and shakers in the fashion world and now they want to put their own spin on the look. It can’t be a terrycloth robe. (Yech! Terrycloth is terribly unfashionable, the books say.) It has to be a silk bathrobe. Nothing else will do, darling!

Well, that’s one fashion trend I will do without altogether. No wearing PJs, slippers, or bathrobes in public for me, terrycloth, silk, or otherwise.

(Note: The featured image is from 2012; the last Mother’s Day I had with my fashionable mom before she passed away. We (my daughter, my mom, and me) somehow all coordinated our look that day without consulting each other about what we were going to wear.)


One thought on “Germophobe and Fashionista: Can they co-exist?

  1. Great post and it’s okay to be turning into your mother because in reading your post she sounds like a woman with character and integrity and has passed it along to you. We’re looking forward to following your site and learning and growing.

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