Cold Fashion

As I said in my last post I have recently entered into a fashion conscious era…phase…time period, one of those terms. It’s not as if I’ve never been fashion conscious before. I have been. It’s just that it has resurfaced and I’ve acquired a few more tidbits of advice and ideas. I feel as if my fashion sense has been refreshed. Yes, that’s it!

I’ve read all of two books on fashion lately: The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees and The One Hundred by Nina Garcia. One thing I’ve taken away from it: Fashion is diverse and ever changing, but you can decide to choose your own personal style and stick to that and only that if you want to!

I’ve also learned that fashionable-ness is usually geared toward people who live in warm climates year round. Go on Pinterest and look up “seasonable” fashions. For spring and summer fashions they will show you a plethora of skin baring items from bikinis to short-shorts, to cutesy sundresses to show off your year-round tan. Then for fall they show you pretty much the same stuff but paired with boots and an over-sized cardigan, tanned skin still peeks out here and there. For winter, you might want to throw on a heavier jacket, maybe wear snow boots just for fun! Don’t forget to take off the boots and jacket frequently to keep your nice tan!

But not everyone lives in warm climates year round. I would freeze to death in the spring, fall, and winter if I dressed like the fashionistas in those climates. So, it’s a challenge, but one I relish to take, living in the frozen northern climate I live in. It’s a balance. I want to dress nice but also not freeze. So for the coldest parts of the year I wear thermal underwear, base layers, sweaters, heavy down parkas, winter hats, gloves, winter scarves, ear muffs, and snow boots for real, deep snow, oh, and lots of vitamin D since the only skin that shows is my nose, maybe, if I forget my scarf. I only sport a tan for a couple of months out of the year.

You must be practical when trying to be fashionable in a cold climate. For instance, I like wearing bangles and bracelets. I have several cute ones. They are hidden away in my jewelry cabinet, not because they are valuable, but because I forgot about them. I made the mistake of trying to wear them in the winter. I gave up because every time you take off your down parka, your bangles and bracelets come off too. It’s annoying! Bracelets and bangles are not for winter wear in the frigid north.

However, they are for the glorious four to six weeks of hot summer days we enjoy every year. This is where my new system of having different collections of clothes will also extend to the jewelry pieces that I wear during different seasons. Some pieces are summer only and others can be worn during the colder nine months out the year.

Cold weather fashion is possible. It’s a challenge, and since I’m not into skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, etc., it is a challenge I’m eager to take.


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