Christmas Time is Here

I waited patiently for Thanksgiving to arrive. That’s the day when you don’t get too much flack for decorating for Christmas from the growing number of Scrooges that pop up their cranky heads as soon as November 1st arrives decrying any Christmas decorating like it’s going to cause the world to end. My house is decorated for Christmas. So there, cranky headed Scrooges, nyah!

With that done, my days are now merry and bright! Just take a look.

Finally found a place for this wreath that I’ve never known what to do with.
The toy train and nutcrackers found a new home on top of the refrigerator this year.
The sled found a home next to the rooster, the little moose and angel on top of the china hutch.
The customary Christmas tree ornaments hanging from the chandelier.
Little-quilted-quilt-thing that was given to me as a gift looks great over my chair by the fire.
I finally bought a small string of lights to replace the unlit part of my factory lit tree. Never could find the problem with the section that refused to shine.
Snowman family that I made last year.
My snow village was invaded by an alien object in the shape of an apothecary jar. Two small children on a sled have become trapped inside. Sort of reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Dome.
The reindeer have been behaving themselves this year. They haven’t jumped off the piano once.
This year there are six, count them, six stockings. We have acquired one new family member. I have six stocking hangers but could only find five. Our new family member suggested placing a long stick across the five hangers thus creating more hanging space for stockings. Genius! I decorated the stick with washi tape.

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