Action Van! Where Are You Taking Me?

Well, as of last Thursday, Action Van took my husband and me camping on the night of November 3rd. Yeah, camping in late fall. Not a lot of people living in the northwestern U.S. do that; not unless you are hunting that is. We weren’t hunting. We just wanted to go camping in late fall just to say we did.

It was a beautiful evening.img_20161103_183303310

So that is the latest place Action Van took us to. But inside my mind, it has taken me on a different kind of journey.

When we first bought Action Van, which is just a 1999 GMC Savana luxury van that we decided to use as a camping van, I didn’t even know that companies exist which make vans that are actually marketed as RVs. If I had I might have searched for one of those instead. Nevertheless Action Van is adequate for our needs at the moment. We typically only have time in our schedules for overnight camping excursions. Two nights at the most.

We do enjoy camping though and dream of having time in our schedules for longer excursions into the wilderness. When could we ever do that though? Retirement, of course. It is still quite a long way off, but it got me to thinking – What will we do when we retire?

As I pondered this, the idea came to me of full-time RVing. Full-time? Really? I don’t know but my husband and I have time to think about it…and daydream.

IF we did, what type of RV would we get? We could go BIG and get a class A, or maybe a truck and a fifth wheel trailer. We could go mid-size and get a class C. Or, we could go small and get a class B. We ran the gamut and for now, surprisingly, we decided that we really do like vans – so class B it is!

Action Van may get replaced with a fancier RV version of itself one day, but at least it will know that it started this whole process.


2 thoughts on “Action Van! Where Are You Taking Me?

  1. Back in September we did a camping trip from Rochester NY to Montana and back again. It was awesome and the camping bug bit us. We weren’t back 30 days and we purchased a 2012 class b “Roadtrek 190” and now we are on the road a month and off the road a month. For us life is meant to be experienced live instead of watching it on tv. We can’t wait to hear and see of your travel dreams coming true. Keep the dream in front of you!


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