Camping for the Minimalist Nerd

Yesterday I read a blog post highlighting camping tips for a family of nerds. I would have put the link to the article in this post, but I can’t find the post. It showed up in my Pinterest news feed yesterday. I didn’t save it, and now it’s lost. I thought camping for nerds was probably a pretty unique blog post idea and would be easy enough to find later. But no, there are several such posts out there. I thought I might as well add mine to the mix.

There are more than one kind of nerd. You may have not known that. The post I read was geared toward the scifi loving, techie nerd. And while my family of nerds loves scifi, we aren’t THAT techie.  It’s not that we wouldn’t like to be, it’s that we are technologically doomed. As my son aptly pointed out at one point, every electronic gadget we buy glitches and hiccups until it dies a miserable death. It’s like the person who buys a goldfish for their kid knowing full well that little critter will be floating belly up in the fishbowl before the month is out. Still we keep trying. We’ve just learned not to put much faith in techie gadgets. We will be well prepared should the zombie apocalypse ever happen and we find the need to live off the grid.

We are more of the original type of nerd, the bookish kind. Therefore, my camping tips for bookish nerds is short. Here it is:

  1. You will need water. Don’t underestimate the need for water, especially when hiking. I speak from experience here. I still haven’t learned this lesson. I need to follow my own advice. Never think to yourself, “I’ll just go on a short walk and don’t need to take any water with me.” Short walks often turn into long hikes leading up to beautiful lakes where you will arrive so thirsty that you will consider drinking potentially pathogen laden water.
  2. You will need food. In addition to being bookish scifi loving nerds, we also like to eat. We eat a lot when we are camping.
  3. Bring a comfy camping chair, bug spray, and a book. Just remember to get up and stretch you legs by taking a nice hike every once in a while. (Yes, that’s my son happily reading a science textbook while camping.)

And there you have it, everything a bookish nerd needs when camping.


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