The Greatest Happiness in Life

I can’t just leave my growing fountain pen collection lying around. I would like to keep them in a nice genuine leather pen case but I don’t want to sink that much money into a pen case. Especially since the majority of my pens cost less than $20. Still, they need a home when I’m not using them.

IMG_20160531_152909428My favorite pen case is still the iDream365 pictured on the right. It is a hard-shelled case and holds six pens altogether.  That is also its shortcoming. It holds only six pens.

The Mead Five Star pen case pictured in the middle was my second purchase. The good thing about it is that it can hold a lot of pens, it has a mesh screen so that you can see which pens are in the case, and it has loops on the outside should I ever need to strap it to my backpack and leave in a hurry. You know, in case of a zombie outbreak or something.

My newest pen case, on the left, is made of genuine PU leather. I can’t remember what PU stands for. Maybe Plastic Universal. Anyhow, it is made of cheap vinyl. I paid $1.75 for it so I won’t complain. It hails from China.

I know, I know EVERYTHING comes from China. But this came directly to me from China without going through a middleman like Walmart.

I live in a small crater where everyone knows everyone’s business, so I often wonder what our local postal carriers think about all the small packages I’ve been receiving in the mail directly from China lately. Because not only did my latest pen case come from China but so did five Jinhao pens and two Hero pens. I think it’s kind of cool to get a package directly from China with all the Chinese postal markings on it and such.

My pen case arrived in not the greatest condition. The paint was worn off of the metal snap on the front. The PU leather is creased and not smooth like the one displayed on Amazon. It’s very roomy though and I’ve made it home to my calligraphy pen collection.

For whatever reason, the front snap is decorated with a mustache and the words, “The Greatest Happiness in Life.” What do they mean? A pen case is the greatest happiness in life? A mustache is the greatest happiness in life? The contents you put into it are the greatest happiness in life? I don’t think I’ll ever understand the Chinese psyche, but that won’t stop me from buying directly from them any chance I get. Obviously.

Oh! I think I may know. The greatest happiness in life for the Chinese selling direct is an American buying their PU leather pen cases and pens! I get it now!


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