Hand Lettering

Hand lettering. Why? I do not know. I only know that I like it. I think it is partially due to my interest in bullet journaling, and maybe because I occasionally make hand lettered signs at the library where I work.

I was recently tempted to purchase a hand lettering kit from Massdrop. But then I returned to my senses in time to avoid that mistake. I reasoned to myself that I already own similar items in the kit. All I had to do was order the book that comes in the kit separately from Amazon. I also decided that it would be super cool to order a Rhodia No. 18 notebook just like the one in the kit too, since I don’t have a blank notebook of that size.

I was hoping the book, Hand Lettering Ledger by Mary Kate McDevitt, would have a little more instruction on hand lettering, bIMG_20160531_154454513ut it’s pretty basic and assumes you already know quite a bit about the subject. Still, it offers a lot of examples to get your creative juices flowing, and the last two-thirds of the book is solely a blank ledger which you can use to practice hand lettering.

Of course, I have been using my Rhodia No. 18 notebook and my leather bound journal my daughter gave me instead of using the ledger in the back of the book. I probably will use the ledger at some point because I hate the thought of all that space going to waste.

My hand lettering is quite different from the lettering done by the author of the book. But I suppose that is to be expected. This is a sampling of my work so far.

IMG_20160531_152606629 IMG_20160531_152625036 IMG_20160531_152831040


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