My Life…On the Moon

There is a famous Moon People song* with a lyric which says – I don’t need you to worry for me cause I’m alright…

Then the backup singers say – Keep it to yourself, it’s my life.

It was this line sung by those backup singers that came to my mind as my daughter lamented a conversation she had with someone recently.

My daughter is a sweet girl. She’s also hard working, goal oriented, focused, and frugal. She’s a college student living at home which figures into the frugal part of her nature. She pays her own way through college by running a house cleaning business, and she also works as an on-call secretary at a local business here in the crater.

Despite all this, she runs into the same skepticism over and over again by Moon People who just don’t understand her. She explains over and over to the same Moon People what her current goals are, but they have trouble understanding her.

Most recently, in the conversation she had with a Moon Person, the MP told her that she really needs to have a backup plan in case some unforeseen catastrophe happens.

This got me to thinking. Can anyone foresee any myriad of unplanned events in one’s life and prepare for them all? You would need backup plans for earthquakes, floods, famine, economic collapse, foreign invasion, plague outbreaks, zombie outbreaks, accidents of all sorts from falling off a ladder to a mid-air collision when you are flying in a jet plane, climate change, invasion by locusts and other insects, wildfires, and…and…Well, you get the idea.

At any rate, I don’t think the MP had any of these things in mind when the conversation took place. Mainly, I think it was partially due to the fact that my sweet daughter has found a sweet young man who seems to be serious about sharing his life with her. Together, they are shaping their future goals around each other.

I think I know what part of the miscommunication with the MP was in this case, maybe in every case in the past as well. When I was raising my children, I feared, just like every parent I’ve ever known, the dreaded TEEN YEARS. So, as the teen years approached I tried something different. What could it hurt, I thought to myself.

I told my soon-to-be teens that if they acted like responsible adults, then I would treat them as responsible adults instead of the dreaded one-eyed, warty green, three-headed creature known as A TEEN. (Arg! Run for your life! It’s a teen!!)

Amazingly enough, my three soon-to-be teens thought this was a reasonable idea. So we skipped the TEEN YEARS, and went straight to adulthood. Everybody was happy! There was music, joy, and laughter all around!

Except, of course, for those looking in at us from the outside. They never could accept that we simply skipped that dreaded phase of life. It can’t be done, they insist.

And since the new, magic number for being a grownup has recently been raised to twenty-five years of age instead of eighteen, I think this also figures into the confusion whenever my not-yet-twenty-five-year-old daughter shares her life goals with Moon Persons; plans which now include a young man she cares about. So, of course, the Moon People think she must be doing something wrong. She’s too young to be making life decisions in their estimation, since most twenty-five-year-olds that they know are barely out of diapers. How can she possibly have realistic goals at her age which is still five years shy of the new, magic number of adulthood? Yet, in actuality, she has been making life decisions on her own for the past seven years of her life.

Song credit: My Life by Billy Joel


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