Fountain Pens as a Hobby

Lovely pens! I have a new hobby: collecting pens. I have a growing collection and I’m learning as I go.

This is a list of my current collection from lowest priced to highest:

  1. My first pen: Jinhao x750, white CT, which cost me a whopping $7.71. I probably paid way too much for it, but what can you expect from a novice?
  2. Jinhao x450 Kurve Blue GT. I paid $3.49 for it which is little closer to reasonable for a Jinhao. It took some getting used to, but I use it a lot. I should have put this one first since it was lower in price but I didn’t realize that when I took the picture.
  3. Next up: a generic Pen & Ink sketch pen. I’m not sure of its price as it was part of a bundle from Massdrop. I think I’ve heard you can pick them up for around $12.
  4. Two lovely Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop pens, one green and one teal, purchased from Massdrop. I have to say that these two remain my favorite pens out of the lot. They write smoothly; they are just lovely pens. Way to go Pilot!
  5. Lamy Safari 2014 Special Edition, Neon Coral. I also purchased matching ink. I couldn’t resist. Now we’re moving into the above $20 range, and if you follow the Cheap Thrills: Fountain Pens Under $20 Facebook Group, that is a severe no-no. The group’s founder recently went on a rant against Lamy Safari that bordered on irrational. Even if you can purchase a Lamy Safari under $20, and you can find a few out there, it’s rare but totally doable, the group’s founder still insisted in her rant that you should NEVER EVER post about it on the group’s site. My purchase of this pen was largely in part due to her rant against them. Great marketing scheme. Maybe she is really being paid by Lamy to rant against them giving no reason whatsoever as to why they are so wrong, which causes people like me to purchase their product. All in all, it’s an okay pen. I still like Pilot better.
  6. The last two pens were part of a set I purchased from Massdrop. They are both Regal pens, one Alice and one Classic. I like Alice. The Classic is okay; I just don’t like the Kelly Green color. The green looked a lot more muted in the picture from Massdrop’s site. Otherwise, they write beautifully and are vying for first place in direct competition with Pilot Metropolitan. I should have opted for the ink converters instead of ink cartridges for them. I’m going to purchase the ink converters from soon. To date, Regal has been my most expensive pen purchase. Massdrop lists these as entry level Regal pens. I can’t seem to find Alice or Classic anywhere else but Massdrop. The Regal pens that I can find elsewhere online seem to range in price from $30 to $150. I purchased my two Regal pens as a set of two for 32.74 on Massdrop. I’ll have to take their word for it that this was a bargain. As far as bargains go, I’ve learned that many listings on Massdrop are equal in value to those found on Amazon. I’ve never seen a Regal pen listed on Amazon however.

2 thoughts on “Fountain Pens as a Hobby

  1. Sherri, cool hobby! I have also fallen into the pit of fountain pen collecting, although my own collection is more utilitarian, meaning I have lots of black and gold pens.. Here is a paper company whose products will drastically improve your writing experience. If you want to try some before ordering let me know and Ill send up some sheets with Caleb.

    Happy writing,



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