Life on the Moon

Let me be clear from the start, this is a work of science fiction, which should not be confused with science which is an amalgamation of theories, many of which throughout history have proven to be fiction. Now that I’ve made that perfectly clear, let’s begin.

Many of you may be wondering what life on the Moon is like. Well, in my crater, it is cold most of the time. And dark.

The air is thin but breathable for the most part. I do suspect that there is particulate matter that is harmful to one’s health. But what can you do? For better or worse my home is this crater.

The population in my crater is sparse. Besides my family and me, it is populated by Moon People. What are they like, you ask? Well, they look like other people you may know. You may have met one and never have known it unless they told you. Collectively, the consensus is that they are friendly. I’ve met a few who are anything but friendly. These few are cannibalistic, but if you approach them cautiously they are quite safe.

I’ve have a couple of close calls with the cannibalistic variety of Moon People. It has helped me immensely that I have the ability to camouflage myself to some extent. Let me give you an example.

Several years ago I unwittingly befriended a cannibal MP (moon person) thinking she was just another of the tamer versions of MPs. I narrowly escaped her clutches with my life intact. Flash forward to the present; I recently encountered her again while I was at my job. I couldn’t run and I couldn’t hide. Fortunately, due to my camouflage, she did not detect that she had previously tried to eat me for lunch, even though we spoke extensively during this breathtakingly frightening encounter. She smiled politely at me when she left and I wished her the happiest of days.

This was a close call; but it is, in fact, an example of any given day on the Moon.


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