Coffee as a Hobby

Here a while back I ran across a list of hobby ideas for those who lack the brain power to figure out what their likes and interests are unaided. I found out that quite a number of the suggestions on that list are hobbies I already pursue. I don’t think coffee was on the list, but coffee can be a hobby if you so desire it to be.

Once, I was an average coffee drinker, buying Folgers at the grocery store, brewing it, and drowning the nasty taste in sweetened creamers.  A lot of people are content with this and that’s fine.

Somewhere along the way I began buying specialty roasts that cost a little more, or maybe a lot more. I don’t keep up with the price of Folgers anymore. In fact, I don’t even see it as I pass by it on the grocery store shelves. It has become a nonentity to me.

I enjoyed those specialty roasts so much that I ditched the sweetened creamers for good old half&half. I can and sometimes do drink my coffee black, but I like the way real cream melds with the flavor of good coffee.

I eventually ditched my drip coffee maker in favor of a french press. Then, Christmas of 2015, my sons bought me a Chemex. I have found my favorite coffee maker in Chemex. I still use my french press when I have company. My Chemex pot makes enough coffee for three. Its specially designed filters are made to let freshly ground coffee beans flavor truly shine through. It takes about the same time to prepare a pot of Chemex coffee that it does a pot of french press. You do have to stand there and pour the hot water over the coffee grounds which might be a little inconvenient if you have just woken up and need your first cup of coffee in order to get moving. It presents a conundrum, but functioning on minimum brain power for four minutes of pouring and brewing hasn’t caused too much of a problem for me in the mornings.


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