Let’s Go!

After a few days I starting calming down about our purchase of the 1999 Savana. I no longer felt like screaming as I did when we brought it home. I no longer broke out into peals of laughter when I thought about being a conversion van owner. After I cleaned the interior thoroughly (My husband thought the carpet would never dry. It did.), I began to pack it for our first camping trip.

We took it up to Sanford Park below Tiber Dam. I had precooked our meals, so after we had a quick dinner we headed down to the river. We watched the sunset. We spotted a beaver who later swam off downriver. There were a lot of birds. It’s early spring here. None of the trees at Sanford Park have started to leaf out, none of the bushes either. The weather was unseasonably warm even though the scenery was barely emerging from the winter landscape. I guess the birds are nesting though. A couple of geese sat across the river from us; one of them honked at us furiously for about thirty minutes before the other joined in and they flew away. Maybe we were in their nesting spot.

When the sun was down we headed back to our van. We had put a memory foam mattress pad on the “queen size” bed. I think they must mean fairy queen because the bed is so small our feet hang off the end. To remedy this, my husband made an extension for it. It works well and doubles as a bench when it’s not holding our feet up off the floor as we sleep.

I did have my doubts about camping in this van at first, but now I like it. I fall into a rare category of campers. Some campers only camp in tents and think that camping in tents is the only way to go. Others like to buy the largest RV they can barely afford, deck it out with all the things they have back at their stationary home – satellite TV, a full kitchen with a microwave, a living area with luxury furnishings, bedrooms with closets, full bathrooms, a large, noisy generator to power the air conditioner and other large energy starved electronics. My husband and I fall somewhere just a step up from tent camping.

We don’t like sleeping on the ground. We don’t like bringing our entire home with us camping either. We like it simple. We like it quiet. We like to read. We like to bike and hike. We like to talk to each other too. So, really, a conversion van is the perfect camping vehicle for us.


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