Camp in the Snow? Why, yes!

We recently planned another weekend getaway in our AV, but the weather reports weren’t looking favorable. There was rain and snow in the forecast. After the awful fire season we’ve been having in Montana, rain and snow sounded like a welcome relief. But not favorable camping weather. In the past we’ve canceled camping trips due […]

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A Note of Frustration

It kind of creeped me out to think as I lay sleeping in our van that some stranger touched AV. The nerve of some people!

Okay, so you might be thinking, well, maybe they had a right to complain. I say, sure, they can grumble all they want, just don’t touch my van, man!!

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Night of the Hare

Sometimes I wonder why I like to go camping so much. A lot of women I know don’t really care for it. I guess I like the ambiance. It’s mysterious sitting there surrounded by trees and bushes. You hear strange sounds. You wonder what is lurking in all that foliage. 

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